Behind L & M

Jessie’s passion for minimalism, bespoke designs and branding is the reason she started Letta & Mesh. She loves being able to design pieces that her clients simply adore and with the love and support of her family, she was able pursue passions and establish her business.

After finishing her studies in marketing in 2008, Jessie started her marketing career, built a beautiful home with her husband and two daughters. Her work is inspired by pure minimalism, elegance, and sophistication. Over the years of working in marketing and graphic design, Jessie fell head over heels with branding. She then decided to start her own design studio in 2019 and has been partnering with businesses of all sizes and industries from all over Australia and beyond.

Connecting with like-minded people, Jessie has grown her business to include a team that focuses on perfect branding, website designs, print and more.

Meet Dinu

Dinu is our web developer and designer here at Letta & Mesh. Originally, she is from California, from a small little village in the south. She has been a web designer now for almost 3 years and she just love the combination of being creative and working on something visual, but also solving problems, finding the right approach to make a company or brand look appealing and attractive. Aside from web design, she is a huge lover in trying new foods and places.

She and the team at Letta And Mesh will work closely with you to to understand the feel of your brand, its direction and the outcomes you want to achieve on your online platform, providing you with creative direction and as well as bringing your vision to life.